Dubai: Where tradition meets technology

One of the most sought after destinations of UAE, Dubai is the ultimate luxury destination whether you’re looking for Dubai tour packages with friends and family or romantic tour packages to Dubai for couple. Once a barren desert, Dubai has transformed into an attractive modern metropolis owing to consistent human effort and adoption of modern technology. Nestled between the vast Arabian desert and the alluring Persian gulf, Dubai is known as the destination where tradition and culture is kept alive while also putting the best of modern hospitality, technology, fashion and business on a platter for the word to see. You can easily expect mind blowing futuristic skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, vintage bazaars and the most beautiful beaches: Dubai is an experience to have especially if you’re booking a honeymoon package as a couple. Contact Grab Your Holiday today if you want to get the best Dubai tour packages.

While one may have seen pictures and videos you will still not be prepared for the grandeur and magnificence of the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab when you actually witness them, especially the Burj Khalifa which is famed as the world’s tallest building and is known as a testament to Dubai’s prosperity and glamour. While many of you must have heard about the Annual Dubai Festival, we should tell you Dubai is a shopping paradise all round the year. Dubai is also one of the most entertaining cities of the world with dizzying theme parks, gutsy outdoor adventures (like skydiving and freefalling) and countless other adventure activities at your disposal. The beautiful mosques and cultural sites are another cherry on top. Still need more reasons to book your Dubai trip package?

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